Education Scholarship

How to Apply for an Individual Education Scholarship

1. All applications must be submitted on the Scholarship application form supplied by the Director of Education, a Board member, The New Calliope or from the COAI website.

2. Applications must be sent to:

Adam Schill

Adam “Knute” Schill 

4. Selections will be made by the Board.

5. Scholarships will be awarded for family entertainment educational programs which run a minimum of 10 hours of educational activities for short programs (1-3 days). And 30 hours for long programs (4-6 days).

6. The number of scholarship awards will be determined by the availability of funds in the Education Endowment.

7. Scholarships will be awarded to COAI members in good standing and have been a member for one full year before applying.

8. Scholarship Award must be used for the requested program during the requested year or it will be forfeited. Scholarship awards may not be used for transportation, food, or merchandise.

9. The COAI Individual Educational Scholarship is coordinated with the World Clown Association, the International Shrine Clown Association, Mooseburger Camp, Advanced Clown Studies and recognized regional organizations to prevent duplication of the award.

10. All awards are paid directly to the Registrar of the Program Selected except in cases where the individual has paid for their own registration and have proof of attendance in the program selected. Then and only then will they be individually reimbursed.


You must answer ALL of the items below fully, to qualify for a scholarship.

You must submit a photo of yourself in makeup. Files are limited to 2mb and must be in the following formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, or .png).

Files are limited to 2mb and must be in the following formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .pdf).


If using the Postal Service application must be postmarked no later than March 1 ....Online applications must be received no later than midnight EST March 1