Best of Press

Given for the best newsletter produced by a COAI alley in good standing.

The award is sponsored by The New Calliope magazine.

A committee of three will judge entries. Their decision will be based on:

  • Content
  • Appearance
  • Quality of writing
  • Promotion of COAI
  • Regularity of publication

To be considered, newsletters should be mailed on a regular basis to:


The Calliope Editor: Sammy Smith PO Box 122 Eustis, Fl

The Alley Director: Julie ‘Lovely Buttons’ Varholdt 4601 S. Kachina Dr. Tempe, AZ. 85282


1994 COWTOWN CHRONICLE, Editor Harley Pershing, Cowtown Clown Alley #135 of Fort Worth, TX

1995 RED NOSE NEWZ, Editor Mary Pat Booth, Rose City Clowns, Alley #196 of Portland, OR

1996 ALLEY 92 SKIDOO, Kansas City Clowns #92 of Kansas City, KS

1997 HERE COME THE CLOWNS, Alley #257, of Elk River, MN

1998 KOMICAL KRONICLE, Editor Bill Lowell, Kapitol Klowns, Alley #6, of Silver Spring, MD

1999 THE CHEERFUL CHATTER, Editor Mauri “Binkie” Norris, CHEERFUL CLOWN ALLEY, Alley 166, of Houston, TX

2000 RED NOSE NEWS, Electric City Clowns, Alley 285, Editor Paul “FuddiDuddy” Kleinberger of Schenectady, NY

2001 VIRGINIA CLOWN ALLEY #3, Editor Ann Sanders, Richmond, VA

2003 BIG SHOE REVIEW, Editor Jill L. Brooks, Cowtown Clowns Alley #135, Ft. Worth, TX

2008 RED NOSE NEWZ, Rose City Clowns Oregon

2014 Omaha Wild Clowndum Alley 147 Omaha NE

2015 RED NOSE NEWZ, Rose City Clowns Alley #196. Portland Oregon

2016 San Diego All Star Clowns, COAI Alley 56, San Diego, CA.

2017 Omaha Wild Clowndom Alley #147 Omaha NE


2009 Editor’s Choice Award to: Ann ‘Tuttles’ Sanders given by Pat Newton

2012 Editor’s Choice Award to Glenn ‘Clyde D. Scope’ Kohlberger Given by Tom Newton

2014 Editor’s Choice Award to Regina ‘Cha Cha’ Wollrabe Given by Sammy Smith

2015 Editor’s Choice Award to Merilyn ‘M.T. Pockets’ Barrett Given by Sammy Smith

2016 Editor’s Choice Award to Aurora ‘Bebop’ Krause Given by Sammy Smith

2017 Editors Choice Award to Julie ‘Lovely Buttons’ Varholdt Given By Sammy Smith