Annual Alley Report

Every year each alley is required to submit an alley report. This is most easily done online by filling out the form on this site. It is due March 1. If you would rather submit by paper that is fine — just print out the form and send it to Judy Quest. If you need help, please contact Judy or your regional vice president. There is no charge at any time to be a COAI alley.

A change in the bylaws this year lifted the requirement that all alley members be COAI members. Of course we would like all members to be COAI members but please list all members if they belong to COAI or not.

Many members ask what advantage there is to being a COAI alley. There are awards for alleys such as Best of Press and Charlie Award (for clown week). We highlight our alleys in The New Calliope and this website. This gives you opportunities to help new clowns find and join your alley. But most of all, it makes you a part of a truly joyful organization that helps to make the world happy! In the 35 years that COAI has been in existence, the art of clowning has grown and improved tremendously. This could never have happened without the collaboration of creativity at the local alley level and at the international level of the organization.

While you are filling out your report why don’t you let us know what your alley is doing or send us some pictures. We are truly interested in what is going on in clowning everywhere and keeping in touch with you.

Keep a smile in your clown heart!

Judy “Dear Heart” Quest
Director of Alley and Regional Support
715 North 36th Street
Omaha, NE 68131-1906
Phone: 402 551-4185




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Files are limited to 2mb and must be in the following formats (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, or .pdf).