COAI Insurance

COAI Insurance is for Members of Clowns of America International only.

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What is Very Exciting… is No matter when you sign-up for COAI Insurance you will get One ENTIRE year. if you sign up in August 2017 – your insurance is good though August 2018 or sign up in January 2018 your good through Jan 2019. You will ALWAYS get ONE ENTIRE YEAR of COVERAGE!

We at Clowns of America International are happy to report to our members that The Philadelphia Insurance
Company (
the carrier for COAI Insurance) is actively listening to the needs and wants of our COAI membership.

The Cost of COAI Insurance is only $150.

There is NO deductible for COAI Insurance.

There is NO additional cost for any certificates.

You can add an Assistant for just $60 more.

COAI is NOT a Group Aggregate.

Each Policy is completely an Individual Policy. We do not share limits in a group. Your policy will never be affected by anyone else’s claim in any way.

Philadelphia Insurance is an A+ + Insurance Company that insures many organizations and associations like COAI. Their Mobile Entertainer program alone insures well over 2 thousand entertainers. They have been around for many years and have maintained an excellent track record.

COAI simply wants to give our members an insurance policy that we all can be proud of. Our members have been loyal to our organization which is why it is so important for COAI to have insurance we all can be proud of. COAI does NOT get anything from the insurance company in return. This policy was put together strictly for the benefit of our members. All we want to do is offer our membership what they have asked for and deserve at a competitive price.

Only YOU can decide what’s best for you. Insurance is personal and has to fit the individual’s needs and wants. COAI is very proud to offer this benefit to our membership and we hope our members will take advantage of it.

For questions and policies, it’s faster to email They will do their best to get to you as quickly as they can. Remember to not wait until the last minute to get your insurance in place.


If I sign up in October of 2016 will i get a full year of Insurance?
YES no matter when you sign up you will always get a full year of insurance (example: November 2016-November 2017 Jan 2017-2018)

How much is COAI insurance?
$150 dollars This is a performers package; for general Liability

Example for Clowns, Face Painters, Magicians, Santas etc

Our general Liability policy limits are $1M/2M or 2M/2M

(We can insure individuals, DBA’s, LLC’s, corporations or any entity and can also cover equipment.)

If ANOTHER PERFORMER has a claim will that affect MY insurance?
NO this is NOT A GROUP AGGREGATE, It is an individual aggregate, meaning if someone else makes a claim, IT DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR INSURANCE AT ALL.

​Is there an additional charge for adding additional Insures (Example adding a name on my policy for working a at mall or festival)?
You can add a venue, individual, family or any entity if required by contract; THIS IS INCLUDED – THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE

What is the turnaround time?
Normal turnaround time is the same day. (In the near future you will be able to print out basic evidence of insurance directly from our website on your printer)

Who can get COAI insurance?
You must be a member of COAI, but it is open to Clowns, Santa’s Magicians, Balloon Artists, Jugglers, Face Painters Storytellers, puppeteers, etc.

If I use assistants, can they be covered?
Yes assistants can be covered for an additional $60 each.

How can we get COAI insurance?
First join COAI. We can take insurance applications over the phone, by email, or on our website. There is always a person available to talk about the coverage, the program etc. Office hours are 8:30-5:00 EST.

Is bodily injury or property damage covered?
YES, Any bodily injury or property damage to other peoples things is covered. There is NO DEDUCTIBLE on Bodily injury OR PROPERTY DAMAGE

For more information on COAI Insurance
Call 800-518-5047
or Email:

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